Flower buckets

The children have been working hard to create beautiful bucket planters to hang around the school. They helped Mrs Hardy carefully drill holes into the bases before they filled them with soil and flowers.

Maths Ambassador

In maths today we have used Maths Ambassadors to help with arithmetic. Using Book Talk Groups the children were guided through each question discussing the most efficient method of solving the problem.

Year 5 Sports Day, Ecton Brook Campus

What a fabulous afternoon of sport! The weather was kind, the children smiled, adults enjoyed the spectacle and above all, the children tried their hardest. We have jumpers we didn’t know about, throwers we didn’t know about and the commitment during the sack race was phenomenal!

Just a few photos of the afternoon; be proud of yourselves guys, you were brilliant ❤️

Lovely day at Ferry Meadows

What a brilliant day outside. The weather was kind and everyone got a taste of outdoor learning similar to what I saw in Sweden. During the activities we were also thinking about how we could transfer the learning to our environment back at school.

We were able to do pond dipping, walking, tree hugging, stream measuring and map work. Everyone joined in and seemed to have a good time.

Sorry, I forgot the cows (the highlight of the day for some).


Saying Goodbye to Sweden

Today was the sad day that Mrs Hardy and I had to come home 😢

We have had a brilliant time and are so pleased that you have all followed our adventure. We needed to be up very early this morning as our flight was at 11.15 Swedish time (10.15 UK time) and we needed to be at Gothenburg airport for 9am – it is a two hour coach journey! We had a party of schoolchildren on our flight and they were very excited about flying😜

I tried to take some photos from inside the plane but we were seated over the wing so I hope you can make out what we saw from the plane.

Last Day in Sweden

Today was our last day and we had the opportunity to try out activities for ourselves which meant a lot of adults running around in the forest! We then chopped wood and cooked over an open fire.

Mrs Hardy and I then found that the lake had a beach so we went paddling.

Have bought some edible goodies back for everyone in Yr 5 and am looking forward to catching up with all your news.



Another Swedish School Visited

Today we visited the second school; this school was smaller than the first and was in a remote area. Just as yesterday we found ourselves surrounded by happy, welcoming children all excited about learning in the forest.

The morning was spent with smaller children (Yr 1 & 2) looking at insects 🐜 and ants in particular.  I cannot show you a photo as they do not show up well but I will show a video when I gat back on Friday – they were enormous and they were everywhere; including in my hair!

The afternoon was spent with older children (yr 5, 6 & 7) looking at birds and mosses in the forest. Part of the Swedish curriculum says that children must learn about natural things in their area.

We also got a chance to look at the classrooms and library areas.

So here are photos from today including some books from the library (Thomas you asked about this) and a lovely Pizza restaurant on the riverside (for Tyrese).

First school visit

What a lovely day at a local school.  We have met some lovely children who were making fires and carving forks. This afternoon we were down by the river searching for pond life.

The school who hosted us has children from age 6 to 12 and they do not wear a uniform to school. Most children either walk or cycle to school which starts at 8am. Their school day finishes at around 2.30pm and then most children go to do other activities such as music or sport.

They have a full time Forest Schools teacher and generally spend a half day in the forest every two weeks.  At lunchtime everyone eats together (adults and children) and everyone eats the same thing. There is an element of choice as there is a salad bar, hot food area and cheese and crispbreads.  You have a choice of water or milk to drink and you help yourself to the food – nothing is served like at our school.