Year 5/6 Strictly Dancing

Fantastic Strictly Performance today, we all enjoyed it and we were tempted to join in! Children from both Ecton Brook and Bellinge Campus performed so well together – you made a great team. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves; you should be proud of your performances. Thank you also for all parents/carers who attended, we hope you enjoyed the performance.

Remember, Keeeep Dancing 💃🕺



Conquering our Fears

Today when Ecton Brook Campus went swimming all of the children swam from the deep end. Some may have been using floats, but everyone got the chance to experience what it is like to swim from one end of the pool to the other.

All the adults were so proud of you children today. The instructors at Lings said you were all amazing and they were so pleased that everyone had a go – even though some of you were unsure!

Remember what was said in Assembly last week about facing up to your fears. You certainly did that today and should be proud of yourselves. Never hold back and not try something because you are afraid – in the right environment it is OK to take chances and push yourselves.

Well done 😀😀😀


Gossiping in Year 5

Today we have been having a good old gossip! Nothing nasty about each other but about the old rouge Scrooge!

Here are some examples; I thought the class were too nice to be really nasty about Scrooge!


Savage Scrooge is SO mean that he put a blanket over a small baby so it couldn’t be seen in public; he thought the baby was too ugly to show its face!

Revolting, horrible Scrooge once made carol singers give him money and then threw ash in their faces, all because they dared to call at his house!

Horrible, filthly Scrooge is SO mean he was seen looking in rubbish heaps to find clothes to give to charity.

Scrooge hates Christmas; he doesn’t let anyone have even a day off work.

Scrooge is SO tight with his money that if someone with an illness needed medicine he would tease them, shoo them away, wish they’d die and then spread rumours about them!


Library Competition Winner

Last Sunday one lucky Year 5 boy spent the day at Althorp Literary Festival. He won tickets to the event by writing a story as part of a competition at his local library. He was presented with a goodie bag and a book chosen especially for him.  It was a grand ceremony in a grand house on a lovely sunny day.


Flipped Learning Friday 29th September

This weekend have a think about the opportunities you have had in Yr 5 so far. Perhaps you attend an after school club, have represented the school in sports, have taken on a role of responsibility, are working towards an exciting big project or have just enjoyed new sports and activities.

We would like everyone to come to school on Monday with an idea for our class assembly next Friday. Think about what you would like to tell the rest of the school about being in Yr 5. If you could write some ideas down, that would be brilliant!

You will be organising the assembly so the more ideas we have the more interesting the assembly will be.

Year 5 Team

Don’t Throw That Fruit Away!

During the week we noticed that a lot of pears were going soft and therefore children did not want to eat them. Instead of throwing them away we decided to make pear crumble.

Children took turns to chop the pears and then make the crumble mix. The results were yummy and meant that the fruit did not go to waste!  We were lucky enough to have some custard to go with it 😘


Reading With Yr 2

We had a lovely surprise this afternoon when Yr 2 invited us to read with them. Miss Cooper’s class paired up with Mrs Male’s class and Mr Whitfield paired his class with Mrs Wild’s class. All of the children enjoyed reading and listening to each other.

Perhaps we could do it again?