Flipped Learning Friday 22nd September

Next week we are going to be working with Roman Numerals in maths. Research the symbols they used so you are familiar with how to write the numbers 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. We are expecting you to do this by Tuesday 26th September, ready for our maths lesson.

Any problems please talk with Class Teachers.

Welcome Back Year 5

It has been a whirlwind start to the new year with swimming started on Ecton Brook, Young Leaders beginning and clubs galore – oh, and we have been working as well!

Our expectations in Year 5 are incredibly high. Here is a reminder of our homework:

reading at home at least 4 times a week and recorded in Home/School books

Mathletics will be set on a weekly basis and needs to be completed

Learning Logs – children should choose one piece per week and complete to a high standard

Flipped Learning – we will set one piece of work per week on Friday to be completed over the weekend.

As a lot of our homework is computer based, if you have problems due to lack of access please speak to your child’s Class Teacher.

Year 5 Team



Outdoor learning


This term, Class 20 have been enjoying taking their learning outdoors.

We have made arrays to find factors of numbers.

We also made our own co-ordinate grid to place objects onto.

We have also been creating different shapes using string. For this activity, we had to work hard as a team to ensure we made the correct shape.

Recently, we went into the forest to find out the area of leaves, twigs and sycamore seeds.



Transfer Day Year 5

What a lovely day in Year 5 today,  best day ever!

Children looked ready to move up and are more than ready for Year 5. Some children felt the time went by too quickly and wanted a Transfer Week – maybe we can ask Mrs Archer and Mr Woods for next year?


The Village that Vanished

Last term, Year 5 studied The Village that Vanished by Ann Grifalconi. As part of this topic, Class 20 spent a day in the forest completing a number of different activities. Before we went outside, we measured out the ingredients to make bread. After, we kneaded our dough and left it to rise. While we were in the forest, we collected sticks to make a fire. This meant we could cook our bread.

The children also created their own miniature villages. There were some very creative uses of the resources they found. Great work Class 20!

Flower buckets

The children have been working hard to create beautiful bucket planters to hang around the school. They helped Mrs Hardy carefully drill holes into the bases before they filled them with soil and flowers.

Maths Ambassador

In maths today we have used Maths Ambassadors to help with arithmetic. Using Book Talk Groups the children were guided through each question discussing the most efficient method of solving the problem.

Year 5 Sports Day, Ecton Brook Campus

What a fabulous afternoon of sport! The weather was kind, the children smiled, adults enjoyed the spectacle and above all, the children tried their hardest. We have jumpers we didn’t know about, throwers we didn’t know about and the commitment during the sack race was phenomenal!

Just a few photos of the afternoon; be proud of yourselves guys, you were brilliant ❤️

Lovely day at Ferry Meadows

What a brilliant day outside. The weather was kind and everyone got a taste of outdoor learning similar to what I saw in Sweden. During the activities we were also thinking about how we could transfer the learning to our environment back at school.

We were able to do pond dipping, walking, tree hugging, stream measuring and map work. Everyone joined in and seemed to have a good time.

Sorry, I forgot the cows (the highlight of the day for some).