Plastic Footprint

Following on from our lovely assembly this morning on Ecton Brook Campus, we would like you to check the plastic footprint for your household. Grab an adult at home, google plastic footprint Greenpeace. Answer the questions honestly and let us know, in the comments box here, what your number was.

How can you use less plastic?

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  1. I’m a bit scared of Chloes reaction to this! I’m always in trouble with her for not being eco enough! We will let you know this evening – if i survive!

  2. We do recycle all our plastic containers and packaging, and if we buy drinks in plastic bottles we try to save them to refill and use again. We sometimes use bottles to make sensory toys for the little ones. We are also getting better at remembering to take our bags for life to the shop.

    1. Brilliant. It does take some effort and I must admit to being ‘less green’ since teaching. It sounds like you are thinking about where your waste goes and how to prevent it from ending up in land fill, or worse, our oceans.
      Chloe is such an eco warrior I’m sure she’ll help out 😀

  3. Wow! We actually matched Mrs Male, so not as bad as I expected.
    That said, I’m sure there’s plenty that we use that Mrs Male doesn’t so we’re keeping a close eye on our single-use plastics (like Frubes and crisps) and are finding alternative approaches. We now buy BIG bags of crisps and put a small handful in plastic tubs for our pack-ups.
    I’ve also just bought some reusable food pouches for yoghurt, jelly, smoothies etc. That way we can buy BIG tubs of yoghurt and recycle the cartons. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll show you what they’re like.
    Also, don’t forget to recycle your plastic at lunchtime – I’m certain we can make a massive difference here.
    Any other ideas?
    Mrs Weaver

    1. Absolutely fabulous Mrs Weaver. I’m on to a winner because I don’t drink hot drinks so no drinks cups for me. Am looking into shops where you could top up your shampoo, conditioner etc by bringing in your empty bottle. Am sure you can do this somewhere???

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