Black Country Museum

Yesterday, year 5 braved the snowy weather and journeyed to Dudley to visit the Black Country Museum as part of our history topic ‘The Industrial Revolution’. We were warmly welcomed by our knowledgeable guide for the day who helped us step back in time. The children learned so much about life in Victorian times and were incredibly well behaved despite the cold conditions. In fact, if anything it only enhanced our experience.

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  1. I loved it, it was a lot of fun but it was very cold I thought I was going to freeze! The canal looked beautiful frozen and I was amazed , it seemed bizarre how they lived!

  2. my favorite part was were we went to the conoo and we got to see were the people delivered lots of stuff to other country’s and i axtedently tried to go in

  3. I really enjoyed the Black Country Museum i learned lots about what they did in the olden times and our guide Helon was really nice and was very funny. Rojjer the man in the chemist he was very funny and told us lots. Thank you Miss Male and Miss Wild for letting us have the best time of our lives i really enjoyed it even though i couldn’t feel my feet! But once again thank you i really loved it and once again thank you

  4. yesterday we went on a brilliant trip we got to see how black smiths make chances and we saw some of the industry Revelation.I think we all had fun even bellinge.

  5. Yesterday, i loved the black country museum it was great but it was so cold my favorite part was seeing the inside the boat!

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