Snowy Day in Dudley



Today we went to The Black Country Museum in Dudley and had a brilliant time! From a frozen canal to a blacksmith working in the snow it certainly was cold. However, everyone was wrapped up well and enjoyed a variety of experiences related to The Industrial Revolution. “Ladies before gentlemen” was the order of the day and thankfully nobody needed to have their mouths washed out with soap!

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  1. I am glad that you loved that experience to a amazing museum. Myself has been there 3 times. When I went to the museum last we went to the sweets shop and when we went to the Victorian school the strict teacher saw us eat the sweets plus the fox scared us and that was really freaky but I am glad that you enjoyed the experience including all the staff including the teachers who planned a amazing experience. When I went I loved it so much. I really want to go back there because I loved it including the history that brings the Victorian history to life and what all the buildings bring a old fashioned look to your topic this term. When I went to the mine I was really scared because at one point the guide told us to turn our torches off.

  2. I absolutely loved this trip, although my toes were very cold it was amazing. I would rate going there again but not in the snow. I had a good time with my group. We waited for the bus although i was not in a group with my other friends i still got to sit next to them. My friend said that she loved it although she was not in my group. My favorite bit was probably be the bus.

  3. Despite the weather, we all enjoyed the experience! It was an exhausting trip, my favorite thing that we tried was when we explored the back-to-back houses because they were historical and educational. My least favorite experience throughout the trip was the journey.

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