Saints Study Centre

In Year 5 there are loads of opportunities for children to learn new things in new ways; our collaboration with Saints Rugby Club in just one example.

10 lucky children from each Year 5 class were chosen to enjoy learning in this unique environment and yesterday was their Induction Day.

They spent the whole day at the rugby club enjoying games, science lessons, making paper helicopters and making slime amongst other activities. If the smiles on their faces when they arrived back yesterday were anything to go by, they obviously enjoyed themselves. The name Atomic Tom cropped up a lot when they were telling us about their adventures – not sure who he is!

Thank you to Mrs Conoley and Mrs Pallett for supervising the children who, we are led to believe, behaved immaculately.


4 thoughts on “Saints Study Centre

  1. i really enjoyed going to saints and it was really fun we met tomic tom and we made some slime and it was really cool.we got to play stuck in the mud and it was really fun. whoever went i think they enjoyed belling came too

  2. I’m so happy that I go to the Saints and I love all the amazing and fun activities we do there , they also make sure we aren’t hungry or thirsty and give us biscuits and juice , every week I get excited when its nearly Thursday because I know i’m going to the saints!

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