Teachers in the making.

This afternoon, as part of our Science,  we planted some plants and bulbs.  Because we used re-cycled plastic bottles, we will be able to watch our plants grow from above and below the soil. To make it more exciting we used our very own Ecton Brook compost 👍

One group was taught by Mrs Male and then each child needed to teach another child until everyone had finished. Eco friendly and co-operative work in one afternoon – smashing 😀

Check back later this week to see what they look like when we display them.

9 Replies to “Teachers in the making.”

  1. It was so fun planting because we planted our own but then we got another table and choose a partner to teach and my partner was Jaymee-lea

  2. That was so much fun i can’t wait until they have grown all their flowers so we can dead head them also the last people taught will teach mrs wild’s class

  3. Yesterday, we did some planting! It was so fun! I found out that flower bulbs are toxic! I hope we do it again! But we will ‘deadhead’ them soon. The reason we ‘deadhead’ the flowers is so they can grow more flowers. ‘Deadheading’ means taking the petals off!

  4. We taught each other how to make the flowers grow. I was in the first group and i taught my friend she was really good at it. I liked teaching her how to make them. The flowers were called pansy i would like to do more planting. HHOORRAAYY

  5. I loved making bottle plants. I learnt that somehow flower bulbs are poisonous! We had a partner each and each partner would teach the other partner how to make a bottle plant. At the end, they looked amazing…

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