Gossiping in Year 5

Today we have been having a good old gossip! Nothing nasty about each other but about the old rouge Scrooge!

Here are some examples; I thought the class were too nice to be really nasty about Scrooge!


Savage Scrooge is SO mean that he put a blanket over a small baby so it couldn’t be seen in public; he thought the baby was too ugly to show its face!

Revolting, horrible Scrooge once made carol singers give him money and then threw ash in their faces, all because they dared to call at his house!

Horrible, filthly Scrooge is SO mean he was seen looking in rubbish heaps to find clothes to give to charity.

Scrooge hates Christmas; he doesn’t let anyone have even a day off work.

Scrooge is SO tight with his money that if someone with an illness needed medicine he would tease them, shoo them away, wish they’d die and then spread rumours about them!


4 thoughts on “Gossiping in Year 5

  1. Lovely to see drama in action. By the way, I heard that Scrooge was so mean that he collected his own earwax to burn in his candles!

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