Don’t Throw That Fruit Away!

During the week we noticed that a lot of pears were going soft and therefore children did not want to eat them. Instead of throwing them away we decided to make pear crumble.

Children took turns to chop the pears and then make the crumble mix. The results were yummy and meant that the fruit did not go to waste!  We were lucky enough to have some custard to go with it 😘


18 Replies to “Don’t Throw That Fruit Away!”

  1. That pear crumble was delicious! My favorite was the crumble!!!! If I could have 10 more pear crumbles that would be the best but sadly there weren’t enough. I hope we could do that again.

  2. I loved it when we made the crumble.It was so good I had two helpings.I couldn’t believe my ears when I found out it was made from old pears because it was so yummy.

  3. Making pear crumble was AMAZING, i really liked cutting up the pears and it was so delicious!Please can we do something this eco friendly again… :3

    1. Well, the next fruit to be used could be plums. I’m not sure we would make a crumble again but we could find a recipe for another dish to use the plums.

  4. making pear crumble was really fun especially because you got to eat it , sadly i did not get to eat it because i got injured so i had to go home .

  5. 1.the crumble was good
    2.can we do it again soon
    3. the crumble was the best day i’ve had so far in year 5.
    year 5 has been awesome so far i hope ill enjoy the rest of the year. Mrs male has been the most interesting teacher i have had :).

  6. I loved baking the pear crumble,but I’m not a fan of pears though,to keep the bad side out of me I looked on the positive side and got on with it

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